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Bad Break UP

Have you ever had a really bad break up? It can be so painful. One minute everything

is going fine and you and your significant other are happy and then the next you are

alone and it’s the middle of the night and you are very sad. Why do breakups

happen? There are many reasons. Sometimes someone sheets and the other person

gets upset and feels betrayed. When this happens it is important to try and make

amends but sometimes it’s too late and there’s really nothing you can do. Some

relationships end because the partner meet someone else and there’s really nothing

you can do about that either but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Relationships don’t really I’m freezin delete that . sometimes relationships end

because one of the members of the relationship gets drunk and yells things that he

doesn’t mean. When this happens it can be very hard to repair the relationship or

even impossible because like a genie once words are out of the bottle is impossible

to put them back in. When hurtful things get said or someone lashes out on real

damage has been done to the relationship and there is really nothing you can do to

fix it. This is very sad! But there are things that you can do to feel better when this

happens to you. Mine three pronged approach to getting over a breakup is this:

Fitness friends and travel. The first part of that instance. It is important when you

break up to work out as much as possible. This doesn’t have to be in the gym all the

gyms are great and are good great place to boost your self esteem. You just have to

be moving your body around and generate some natural endorphins to get you over

the sadness of breaking up. If you do work on the gym and then you get the added

bonus of looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling good about the way that you

look. Whatever you feel attractive that will help you get over your ex so that you

know that you will never have problem finding a new partner. The second part of

this technique is friends. You need to be surround yourself with your close friends

because they are the ones that will support you when you are down and they will try

to make you feel better. They will also give you the advice and the support that you

need to get through this really tough time when all you wanna do is go screaming

about your boyfriend and tell him to take you back. They are the ones that will keep

you from making any rash decisions and their presence alone will comfort you in

this challenging time. The last part of this technique is travel. One of the key

problems when you break up with your boyfriend is that you go to your day and

there are parts of it that he would be a part of. For instance you wake up in the

morning and usually you would text him to say good morning but now he’s not there

and so there is a lack. . the way to get over this is to travel. Get on the plane and go

anywhere else because if you just sit around and think about all the parts of your

day that he used to be a part of like dinner or sex or any sort of activity that used to

do together you’re going to drive yourself crazy. You should go somewhere you

never been before and distract yourself and take yourself out of your usual routine.

At the very least I’ll be able to cry in front of people that you don’t know and who

have never seen you before. No matter what breaking up is hard there’s really

nothing that you can do the only cure is time. Time heals all wounds and it’s very

true you just have to persevere and know that each day will get easier and easier.

Even though this sort of thing comes in waves and you will still always miss that

person and it will always have a place in your heart. It’s important to never give up

and to make sure that you know that you’re lovable and always to learn from the

mistakes that you made so that you can be a better person in the future. Nobody is

perfect we all have our mistakes and our flaws. It’s important to be kind to yourself

above all after a break up. It could be tempting to make yourself smarter and say

that everything is your fault but this is not true and isn’t helpful. Surround yourself

with friends and you will feel better. Go to the gym workout and you’ll feel better.

Travel get out of town get out of your usual routine you will feel better. And if none

of that works just love yourself and trust that you won’t end up alone.

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Fashion Fashion Fashion!

Fashion fashion fashion! Some people are obsessed with fashion and clothes. I know

I am . there so many high-quality designer that they’re going to producing so much

could work but it is hard to keep track of it all. It used to be that you have put on we

can find clothes and high fashion in places like New York and Paris and Tokyo but

now because of international shipping and huge multinational stores like Gucci and

Prada and Chanel you can get high fashion beautiful clothes anywhere . the Internet

has globalized the access to find fashion and thank God for that! I also have a total

thing for shoes do you have? One also have to consider that globalization and the

design and production aspects of fashion now cover the entire globe with design

happening in Paris or New York and the production happening overseas. This could

bring the price down but because of artificial scarcity the prices will always remain

high. Even during times of recession is a brand like Salvatore Ferragamo will

maintain its prestige by keeping its prices elevated. This way the designers clothes

and the handbags and shoes maintain their sense of value. Isn’t it amazing how

someone can buy a handbag for $5,000? This is possible because of the huge

marketing budgets of fashion houses. They buy ad space in magazines and paste

eyeless to dress celebrities and their clothes . When you see Angelina Jolie walking

down the red carpet wearing a Chanel gown and immediately triggers a sense of

awe and envy Douglas? there are many young designers out there who are just

getting there start we’re also making some beautiful clothes. Because of the Internet

it is possible for these lesser-known designers to make a name for themselves

without going through the system of the corporation’s. Still is very expensive to

develop the collection and even more challenging to bring it to market and have it

placed in shops for people to buy. Again the Internet has revolutionized this

industry and made it so that younger designers who are trying to get there so I can

develop their own unique style and find it nice of clans fashionistas 2 do this for

them. If you consider everything that goes into making a garment it should be no

surprise to that it is a daunting task to bring a collection to market now consider

that because of the seasonal system you need to bring new garments to market and

be designing on a year-round constant basis. This level of burnout has brought

down many famous designers. You can just read the magazines or read the

newspaper to see that famous designers are weaving big fashion houses to only to

their own collections because they have more control over the quality and the pace

at which they are required to put out product. But who cares! All I really want to do

is shop right! There is nothing I like doing on a floor on an afternoon then looking

through magazines and picking out the dresses and shoes and jeans and shirts and

pants that I love and that I just absolutely have to have! My favorite color is navy

blue and I will buy anything in that color. There are pea coats and dresses and skirts

and blouses and t-shirts and I have all of them in navy blue. My favorite designer is

Alexander McQueen . He is one of the designers that burned out because he was too

stressed with the intense schedule put on him. Once you get to this level you need to

start outsourcing more of your daily chores to stay sane. I hired the Los Angeles house

cleaners to keep my house clean and keep me on schedule. McQueen died of a self-inflicted

overdose. I love his clothes because they are dramatic and operatic and speak to my dramatic

nature. He will always be remembered. And is original clothes from when he was

alive or not worth much more money! Fashion is a crazy business and its so pretty

from the outside but you have to be careful that it doesn’t get you if you decide you

want to work and yourself . Without fashion how would we know what to wear?

Everybody would be so boring all the time. Not me! I love fashion and so should you.

Like to dance?

Do you like music and do you like to dance? Music has been shown to have many

positive effects on human beings. Dance is a good form of exercise and also is good

for your mental well-being and will make you look good also! But how do you know

what kinds of music you like or what kind of music will make you dance? There are

many styles of music that are associated with dance but some are bad. Make sure

that you are not listening to orchestral music or classical music. Unless if the walls in

which case that is definitely made for dancing. Most orchestral music is meant to be

sad and listen to without moving your body too much so avoid this. If you like more

traditional dancing then you should try ballroom dancing. This is usually done in

pairs and there are various styles free to choose from. There is the Fox and The

Dandy and the Italian and other such dances like this. The music is often jazzy and

lively and it is a good way to meet people. You dance with a partner and one of you

has to leave and the other follows. There are certain specific steps that you must

follow in order to be doing the dance correctly and that synchronized with the beat

and the tempo and the music . If you are not the kind that likes to be told what to do

and her into more free-form dancing and I would recommend hip hop. Born from

the streets and full of rebellious and cool style. Hip hop dancing is characterized buy

it aggressive movement and its emphasis on rhythm especially the bass and the beat

and a level of syncopation. Syncopation is when notes fall in places that you don’t

expect. It was developed by jazz and hip hop is the follow up to that style of music.

You can just dance to have off or you can take lessons. Jazz and hip hop our styles of

music that have been pioneered with dance by such artist as Janet Jackson and

Michael Jackson. If you need examples of what Jasmine hip hop look like watch and

Missy Elliott video they are full of wild dancing that perfectly exemplifies everything

that hip hop dancing should be . If that is 2 much structure for you then it sounds

like you are into house music! House music is experiencing a huge surge of

popularity in America but has been very popular in Europe for decades. There are

many styles of house music to choose from but it really doesn’t take that much effort

to dance to this music. Because there is a four on the floor beats and everyone is

dancing usually in the dark by themselves you don’t have to worry too much. You

just have to wiggle yourself to the beach and have a good time! yes if you really want

to get serious about dancing and are very skinny and you should try ballet. Ballet

was it all by the French and then moved to Russia where it was perfected. Ballet is

an elegant style of dance which is very technical in nature and requires a lot of

control and and training to master. But if you have the skill and the right body type

then you can become famous in what is now considered a very elevated art form.

Ballet can be done in slippers or on point. This means that you wear shoes with

wood in the tub and dance around on their toes. Just me very hard on your feet look

very elegant and graceful when you can do it. This requires a lot of balance and

oftentimes ballerinas are extremely skinny and because otherwise they wouldn’t be

able to perform his new verse on a delicate feet . No matter what if you should just

go dance. Dancing makes you feel good it’s good exercise and it helps you forget

about your problems. Many people throughout history have confidence to Express

religious devotion as well as to celebrate. So why not use it in your daily life to

celebrate any time? No matter what sound you like what are you like ballet or hip

hop or jazz or just freeform dancing out with your friends at a nightclub, dancing is

always there for you. You’re never too old to boogie!

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You Can Go Anywhere

3. Have you ever stop to think about all the different countries in the world and all the

places that you like to go? It can be daunting to try and narrow down all of the cool

places in the world that you would like to go and see for yourself. With the internet

there are plenty of resources and pictures and blogs for you to see where people

have gone but you can’t be sure that you will enjoy the place. The best way to know

is by talking to someone who has been there before and who you trust. Also you

really should just take a chance because who knows what you could discover by

trying something that you didn’t think you would like or going somewhere that

scares you. Just because you don’t speak the native language doesn’t mean that you

shouldn’t go out and try and be yourself thing you think? Let’s consider Southeast

Asia for a second . Think about all the countries in Southeast Asia. There’s Singapore

and Taiwan and China and Myanmar and Burma and Thailand and Cambodia. One

thing that you should know about these countries is that there are very warm and

muggy in the south and can be very cold in the North when you get to wards

Mongolia. There are many different ethnicities and the dominant ethnicity is Han

Chinese . the food in these countries is often considered some of the best in the

world. There is a lot of rice in the diet of these countries because it is plentiful and

easy to grow in a wet climate. In the south near Thailand the beaches are

exceptionally beautiful and there are many places to go scuba diving and check out

coral and fish and sea creatures while having fun and learning some new skills at the

same time . you can take little boats to small islands off the coast of Vietnam and see

the natural beauty that is relatively unspoiled by human beings. In Thailand you can

see many temples Buddhist that I have existed for centuries. There are huge stone

carvings of Buddhas and also call spiders sometimes plated with gold and

sometimes still acting as monasteries for Buddhist monk who still lives there. If you

are respectful than they will say a prayer for you if you give him some money.

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonized by

Europeans and so they are very warm and welcoming to outsiders. But this is not

the case everywhere. Cambodia suffered through French colonial rule and then a

violent and destructive communist regime that murdered hundreds of thousands of

people . Because of this they are still recovering and the effects of this awful tyranny

are still evident in the landscape and in the people themselves . yes if you want to

get some exercise while you are traveling you should do a biking tour of Vietnam .

You and your friend or a wife or husband can travel the rolling hills of Vietnam on

your two bags and see all of the hillsides and hunt and villages and really get a sense

of the local flavor and landscape. You also can go backpacking across the Great Wall

of China . China is an extremely large and and oftentimes industrial countries so you

want to make sure that you go to the right spots to experience the beauty of China

without getting stuck in the gross urban environments. There is a terrible air

pollution in places like Beijing and it is not a place that you want to go if you have

asthma or if you just don’t want to deal with dirty air. Southeast Asia is relatively

inexpensive also this is very important so that your travel dollar can and stretch as

far as possible. The exchange rate if you are using dollars is very favorable especially

in places like Vietnam where things are actually very cheap to begin with also. If you

take all this advice and have a sense of adventure I have no doubt that you will have

a great time and expand your horizons . don’t be scared of trying something new

but always bring certain things with you to make sure that you don’t have a bad

time. These include antibiotics and first aid kit to make sure that if anything goes

wrong you can have basic medical care. Antibiotics are good in case you get sick or if

you eat something bad and get a traveler’s sickness . But don’t be scared be

adventurous !

Color Theory

2. Color theory is a fascinating topic there are many cultures that describe certain

powers and attributes to different colors. If you consider all the power that a certain

color has over your mood you would actually be surprised. If you enter a room that

is green you automatically think of nature and that will calm you also if you enter a

room that is light blue you will have a, remove that if you entered a room that was

red or black. This is why hospitals are often light pastel colors because they want

people to relax even though they are going through pain and are probably sick and

uncomfortable. Colors can also make a room look bigger or smaller. Darker colors

look smaller and have a contracting effect on the space. Some people like to use dark

colors for their bedrooms because they think it looks sexy and more cozy. White

walls can sometimes look washed out or clinical and a lot of people don’t like this

effect at all. If you want to experiment you can always try using stripes of different

colors alternating one and then the other. This way you can have the effect of two

different colors on your mood and you can always paint over it if you don’t like it

anyway right! Colors are also very important for a geopolitical context as well.

Before World War 1 many flags were decorative and ornate and add pictures and

say jewels on them. But after World War 1 many countries simplify their flags to

basic colors. Soon you could tell what sort of country you were looking at just based

on these colors alone. Western European countries used blue white and red in

various degrees and orientations to represent their shared ideals. These countries

include the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. The color red in

particular is a very powerful color. You will notice that many flags use this color as it

is a colour of strength and intensity. Red was the defining color of the Communist

Party and Russia during the mid 20th century. Because of that the phrase Red Scare

was used in the United States to describe communist fears and witch hunts during

the Cold War. This gives you an idea of the power of a single color politically and

psychologically in the minds of people when they are afraid of nuclear attack. Black

is also a very strong color. There are many people who only like to wear black

because they think that it is simple and chic and urban. There have been scientific

studies that show that people wearing black actually look more attractive than

people wearing any other color. This is science and has data and evidence to back it

up. Often you will find people wearing all black in New York City because is a city

that is full of artists & fashionistas and people who consider themselves White is

another color that like black is a combination of all the colors in the spectrum except

black is a combination of all the colors that are opaque and white is a combination of

all the colors that are light. If you fire a beam of light into a prism it will explode into

all of the colors of the spectrum. All the colors of the spectrum are also the way to

determine the elemental nature of a material every single element reflects a unique

color pattern on the spectrum that no other elements have. This is the way that

scientists were able to discover new elements and be sure that they werent just

copying old ones. It is called a spectrometer and it is a key tool in the development

of the periodic table. Color is also extremely important for animals who use it for all

kinds of vital iLogic processes. These processes include maiden finding food and

staying safe from predators. Certain frogs use different colors on their skin to warn

predators that they are poisonous and that they should not be eaten. Birds use

colors to migrate long distances. The colors of flowers often indicate to bees that

they are good for pollination and for nectar to make honey for the bees hive.

Without color the world would be very drab. There are people who cannot see color

they are called colorblind. That is why traffic lights are yellow red and green

because these are the colors that are most easily seen by the most amount of people.

Colour and license our life and makes the world beautiful!

White Boards

Have you ever thought about white boards and why they exist? There are so many

things that you can do with a white board there so many colors that you can choose

from to draw all over them and then just erase them like they never existed. Some

people like using them for different tasks. Just professional but also artistic.

Teachers and professors in schools and universities often use them to write on

instead of chalk boards because they don’t have the same mass as chalk boards and

you have more colors to choose from. They can be erased easily between classes and

there’s no need to clap dirty razors full of chocolate outside and make a mess. The

inventor of the white board was actually a 3m scientist who discovered the magical

surface when he was looking at lubricants and trying to develop new discus services

during world war 2 . he never discovered a new lubricant for a engine but he did

discover that when he rubbed a white surface with his new fluid that markers and

other things would stick but could be removed easily with a car that did not have to

be damp. D other scientist at 3m knew that he was on to something that would have

utility outside of warfare. After the war 3m developed this technology into the white

boards that we know today and that we see everywhere we go. Often they are also

used in boardrooms and in offices because they are easy to use and relatively very

cheap when compared to televisions and projectors that can also be used to make

presentations. These are the uses that we often think of for the white board but

there are so many other uses as well. There are some artists that like to use them

instead of using oil or paint because there is a certain quality that is ephemeral and

they can be erased so easily. If you think about it its like drawing in the sand when

you know that with just a wave of your hand all of your work and I will go away.

There are many different brands of white board now not just 3m. Sharpie is also in

the whiteboard business and they are very successful. If you are interested in

getting a whiteboard either for your classroom or your office or just to put in your

house to make sure then I suggest going online and looking for the size that fits best.

If you are in a classroom you exactly want a white board that is on a stand so that

you can show it to your classroom easily. If you’re getting one for your office maybe

you should attach it to the wall so that it is there whenever you need it. But if you

were going on at home I would recommend getting a smaller one and make sure

that they are easily erasable and have many markets hypes . if you are an

entrepreneur and run a business out of your home or garage and having a

whiteboard is paramount because you need to be able to run meetings out of your

house. You also need to be able to keep lists and organize your day and also gives

presentations to investors and your team. Imagine Steve Jobs in his garage with a

big white board. They didn’t have a lot of technology but with the whiteboard they

could start creating a company that makes all of the technology that we use today.

Whiteboards are so helpful I would recommend everyone gets one if they fall into

any of these categories. I have one at home and it helps me organize all of my things

that I have to do throughout the day . If you don’t have a white board on ebay or go

on Amazon and they will have a broad selection for you to choose from. Then

comparison shop to make sure that you’re getting the right price. If you are

comfortable with ebay then you should try going that route instad. Or maybe you

can buy a used one from a school that isn’t using theirs anymore. Good luck!