Like to dance?

Do you like music and do you like to dance? Music has been shown to have many

positive effects on human beings. Dance is a good form of exercise and also is good

for your mental well-being and will make you look good also! But how do you know

what kinds of music you like or what kind of music will make you dance? There are

many styles of music that are associated with dance but some are bad. Make sure

that you are not listening to orchestral music or classical music. Unless if the walls in

which case that is definitely made for dancing. Most orchestral music is meant to be

sad and listen to without moving your body too much so avoid this. If you like more

traditional dancing then you should try ballroom dancing. This is usually done in

pairs and there are various styles free to choose from. There is the Fox and The

Dandy and the Italian and other such dances like this. The music is often jazzy and

lively and it is a good way to meet people. You dance with a partner and one of you

has to leave and the other follows. There are certain specific steps that you must

follow in order to be doing the dance correctly and that synchronized with the beat

and the tempo and the music . If you are not the kind that likes to be told what to do

and her into more free-form dancing and I would recommend hip hop. Born from

the streets and full of rebellious and cool style. Hip hop dancing is characterized buy

it aggressive movement and its emphasis on rhythm especially the bass and the beat

and a level of syncopation. Syncopation is when notes fall in places that you don’t

expect. It was developed by jazz and hip hop is the follow up to that style of music.

You can just dance to have off or you can take lessons. Jazz and hip hop our styles of

music that have been pioneered with dance by such artist as Janet Jackson and

Michael Jackson. If you need examples of what Jasmine hip hop look like watch and

Missy Elliott video they are full of wild dancing that perfectly exemplifies everything

that hip hop dancing should be . If that is 2 much structure for you then it sounds

like you are into house music! House music is experiencing a huge surge of

popularity in America but has been very popular in Europe for decades. There are

many styles of house music to choose from but it really doesn’t take that much effort

to dance to this music. Because there is a four on the floor beats and everyone is

dancing usually in the dark by themselves you don’t have to worry too much. You

just have to wiggle yourself to the beach and have a good time! yes if you really want

to get serious about dancing and are very skinny and you should try ballet. Ballet

was it all by the French and then moved to Russia where it was perfected. Ballet is

an elegant style of dance which is very technical in nature and requires a lot of

control and and training to master. But if you have the skill and the right body type

then you can become famous in what is now considered a very elevated art form.

Ballet can be done in slippers or on point. This means that you wear shoes with

wood in the tub and dance around on their toes. Just me very hard on your feet look

very elegant and graceful when you can do it. This requires a lot of balance and

oftentimes ballerinas are extremely skinny and because otherwise they wouldn’t be

able to perform his new verse on a delicate feet . No matter what if you should just

go dance. Dancing makes you feel good it’s good exercise and it helps you forget

about your problems. Many people throughout history have confidence to Express

religious devotion as well as to celebrate. So why not use it in your daily life to

celebrate any time? No matter what sound you like what are you like ballet or hip

hop or jazz or just freeform dancing out with your friends at a nightclub, dancing is

always there for you. You’re never too old to boogie!

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