Bad Break UP

Have you ever had a really bad break up? It can be so painful. One minute everything

is going fine and you and your significant other are happy and then the next you are

alone and it’s the middle of the night and you are very sad. Why do breakups

happen? There are many reasons. Sometimes someone sheets and the other person

gets upset and feels betrayed. When this happens it is important to try and make

amends but sometimes it’s too late and there’s really nothing you can do. Some

relationships end because the partner meet someone else and there’s really nothing

you can do about that either but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Relationships don’t really I’m freezin delete that . sometimes relationships end

because one of the members of the relationship gets drunk and yells things that he

doesn’t mean. When this happens it can be very hard to repair the relationship or

even impossible because like a genie once words are out of the bottle is impossible

to put them back in. When hurtful things get said or someone lashes out on real

damage has been done to the relationship and there is really nothing you can do to

fix it. This is very sad! But there are things that you can do to feel better when this

happens to you. Mine three pronged approach to getting over a breakup is this:

Fitness friends and travel. The first part of that instance. It is important when you

break up to work out as much as possible. This doesn’t have to be in the gym all the

gyms are great and are good great place to boost your self esteem. You just have to

be moving your body around and generate some natural endorphins to get you over

the sadness of breaking up. If you do work on the gym and then you get the added

bonus of looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling good about the way that you

look. Whatever you feel attractive that will help you get over your ex so that you

know that you will never have problem finding a new partner. The second part of

this technique is friends. You need to be surround yourself with your close friends

because they are the ones that will support you when you are down and they will try

to make you feel better. They will also give you the advice and the support that you

need to get through this really tough time when all you wanna do is go screaming

about your boyfriend and tell him to take you back. They are the ones that will keep

you from making any rash decisions and their presence alone will comfort you in

this challenging time. The last part of this technique is travel. One of the key

problems when you break up with your boyfriend is that you go to your day and

there are parts of it that he would be a part of. For instance you wake up in the

morning and usually you would text him to say good morning but now he’s not there

and so there is a lack. . the way to get over this is to travel. Get on the plane and go

anywhere else because if you just sit around and think about all the parts of your

day that he used to be a part of like dinner or sex or any sort of activity that used to

do together you’re going to drive yourself crazy. You should go somewhere you

never been before and distract yourself and take yourself out of your usual routine.

At the very least I’ll be able to cry in front of people that you don’t know and who

have never seen you before. No matter what breaking up is hard there’s really

nothing that you can do the only cure is time. Time heals all wounds and it’s very

true you just have to persevere and know that each day will get easier and easier.

Even though this sort of thing comes in waves and you will still always miss that

person and it will always have a place in your heart. It’s important to never give up

and to make sure that you know that you’re lovable and always to learn from the

mistakes that you made so that you can be a better person in the future. Nobody is

perfect we all have our mistakes and our flaws. It’s important to be kind to yourself

above all after a break up. It could be tempting to make yourself smarter and say

that everything is your fault but this is not true and isn’t helpful. Surround yourself

with friends and you will feel better. Go to the gym workout and you’ll feel better.

Travel get out of town get out of your usual routine you will feel better. And if none

of that works just love yourself and trust that you won’t end up alone.

Article by: Plumbers Union Los Angeles