Color Theory

2. Color theory is a fascinating topic there are many cultures that describe certain

powers and attributes to different colors. If you consider all the power that a certain

color has over your mood you would actually be surprised. If you enter a room that

is green you automatically think of nature and that will calm you also if you enter a

room that is light blue you will have a, remove that if you entered a room that was

red or black. This is why hospitals are often light pastel colors because they want

people to relax even though they are going through pain and are probably sick and

uncomfortable. Colors can also make a room look bigger or smaller. Darker colors

look smaller and have a contracting effect on the space. Some people like to use dark

colors for their bedrooms because they think it looks sexy and more cozy. White

walls can sometimes look washed out or clinical and a lot of people don’t like this

effect at all. If you want to experiment you can always try using stripes of different

colors alternating one and then the other. This way you can have the effect of two

different colors on your mood and you can always paint over it if you don’t like it

anyway right! Colors are also very important for a geopolitical context as well.

Before World War 1 many flags were decorative and ornate and add pictures and

say jewels on them. But after World War 1 many countries simplify their flags to

basic colors. Soon you could tell what sort of country you were looking at just based

on these colors alone. Western European countries used blue white and red in

various degrees and orientations to represent their shared ideals. These countries

include the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. The color red in

particular is a very powerful color. You will notice that many flags use this color as it

is a colour of strength and intensity. Red was the defining color of the Communist

Party and Russia during the mid 20th century. Because of that the phrase Red Scare

was used in the United States to describe communist fears and witch hunts during

the Cold War. This gives you an idea of the power of a single color politically and

psychologically in the minds of people when they are afraid of nuclear attack. Black

is also a very strong color. There are many people who only like to wear black

because they think that it is simple and chic and urban. There have been scientific

studies that show that people wearing black actually look more attractive than

people wearing any other color. This is science and has data and evidence to back it

up. Often you will find people wearing all black in New York City because is a city

that is full of artists & fashionistas and people who consider themselves White is

another color that like black is a combination of all the colors in the spectrum except

black is a combination of all the colors that are opaque and white is a combination of

all the colors that are light. If you fire a beam of light into a prism it will explode into

all of the colors of the spectrum. All the colors of the spectrum are also the way to

determine the elemental nature of a material every single element reflects a unique

color pattern on the spectrum that no other elements have. This is the way that

scientists were able to discover new elements and be sure that they werent just

copying old ones. It is called a spectrometer and it is a key tool in the development

of the periodic table. Color is also extremely important for animals who use it for all

kinds of vital iLogic processes. These processes include maiden finding food and

staying safe from predators. Certain frogs use different colors on their skin to warn

predators that they are poisonous and that they should not be eaten. Birds use

colors to migrate long distances. The colors of flowers often indicate to bees that

they are good for pollination and for nectar to make honey for the bees hive.

Without color the world would be very drab. There are people who cannot see color

they are called colorblind. That is why traffic lights are yellow red and green

because these are the colors that are most easily seen by the most amount of people.

Colour and license our life and makes the world beautiful!