Fashion Fashion Fashion!

Fashion fashion fashion! Some people are obsessed with fashion and clothes. I know

I am . there so many high-quality designer that they’re going to producing so much

could work but it is hard to keep track of it all. It used to be that you have put on we

can find clothes and high fashion in places like New York and Paris and Tokyo but

now because of international shipping and huge multinational stores like Gucci and

Prada and Chanel you can get high fashion beautiful clothes anywhere . the Internet

has globalized the access to find fashion and thank God for that! I also have a total

thing for shoes do you have? One also have to consider that globalization and the

design and production aspects of fashion now cover the entire globe with design

happening in Paris or New York and the production happening overseas. This could

bring the price down but because of artificial scarcity the prices will always remain

high. Even during times of recession is a brand like Salvatore Ferragamo will

maintain its prestige by keeping its prices elevated. This way the designers clothes

and the handbags and shoes maintain their sense of value. Isn’t it amazing how

someone can buy a handbag for $5,000? This is possible because of the huge

marketing budgets of fashion houses. They buy ad space in magazines and paste

eyeless to dress celebrities and their clothes . When you see Angelina Jolie walking

down the red carpet wearing a Chanel gown and immediately triggers a sense of

awe and envy Douglas? there are many young designers out there who are just

getting there start we’re also making some beautiful clothes. Because of the Internet

it is possible for these lesser-known designers to make a name for themselves

without going through the system of the corporation’s. Still is very expensive to

develop the collection and even more challenging to bring it to market and have it

placed in shops for people to buy. Again the Internet has revolutionized this

industry and made it so that younger designers who are trying to get there so I can

develop their own unique style and find it nice of clans fashionistas 2 do this for

them. If you consider everything that goes into making a garment it should be no

surprise to that it is a daunting task to bring a collection to market now consider

that because of the seasonal system you need to bring new garments to market and

be designing on a year-round constant basis. This level of burnout has brought

down many famous designers. You can just read the magazines or read the

newspaper to see that famous designers are weaving big fashion houses to only to

their own collections because they have more control over the quality and the pace

at which they are required to put out product. But who cares! All I really want to do

is shop right! There is nothing I like doing on a floor on an afternoon then looking

through magazines and picking out the dresses and shoes and jeans and shirts and

pants that I love and that I just absolutely have to have! My favorite color is navy

blue and I will buy anything in that color. There are pea coats and dresses and skirts

and blouses and t-shirts and I have all of them in navy blue. My favorite designer is

Alexander McQueen . He is one of the designers that burned out because he was too

stressed with the intense schedule put on him. Once you get to this level you need to

start outsourcing more of your daily chores to stay sane. I hired the Los Angeles house

cleaners to keep my house clean and keep me on schedule. McQueen died of a self-inflicted

overdose. I love his clothes because they are dramatic and operatic and speak to my dramatic

nature. He will always be remembered. And is original clothes from when he was

alive or not worth much more money! Fashion is a crazy business and its so pretty

from the outside but you have to be careful that it doesn’t get you if you decide you

want to work and yourself . Without fashion how would we know what to wear?

Everybody would be so boring all the time. Not me! I love fashion and so should you.