White Boards

Have you ever thought about white boards and why they exist? There are so many

things that you can do with a white board there so many colors that you can choose

from to draw all over them and then just erase them like they never existed. Some

people like using them for different tasks. Just professional but also artistic.

Teachers and professors in schools and universities often use them to write on

instead of chalk boards because they don’t have the same mass as chalk boards and

you have more colors to choose from. They can be erased easily between classes and

there’s no need to clap dirty razors full of chocolate outside and make a mess. The

inventor of the white board was actually a 3m scientist who discovered the magical

surface when he was looking at lubricants and trying to develop new discus services

during world war 2 . he never discovered a new lubricant for a engine but he did

discover that when he rubbed a white surface with his new fluid that markers and

other things would stick but could be removed easily with a car that did not have to

be damp. D other scientist at 3m knew that he was on to something that would have

utility outside of warfare. After the war 3m developed this technology into the white

boards that we know today and that we see everywhere we go. Often they are also

used in boardrooms and in offices because they are easy to use and relatively very

cheap when compared to televisions and projectors that can also be used to make

presentations. These are the uses that we often think of for the white board but

there are so many other uses as well. There are some artists that like to use them

instead of using oil or paint because there is a certain quality that is ephemeral and

they can be erased so easily. If you think about it its like drawing in the sand when

you know that with just a wave of your hand all of your work and I will go away.

There are many different brands of white board now not just 3m. Sharpie is also in

the whiteboard business and they are very successful. If you are interested in

getting a whiteboard either for your classroom or your office or just to put in your

house to make sure then I suggest going online and looking for the size that fits best.

If you are in a classroom you exactly want a white board that is on a stand so that

you can show it to your classroom easily. If you’re getting one for your office maybe

you should attach it to the wall so that it is there whenever you need it. But if you

were going on at home I would recommend getting a smaller one and make sure

that they are easily erasable and have many markets hypes . if you are an

entrepreneur and run a business out of your home or garage and having a

whiteboard is paramount because you need to be able to run meetings out of your

house. You also need to be able to keep lists and organize your day and also gives

presentations to investors and your team. Imagine Steve Jobs in his garage with a

big white board. They didn’t have a lot of technology but with the whiteboard they

could start creating a company that makes all of the technology that we use today.

Whiteboards are so helpful I would recommend everyone gets one if they fall into

any of these categories. I have one at home and it helps me organize all of my things

that I have to do throughout the day . If you don’t have a white board on ebay or go

on Amazon and they will have a broad selection for you to choose from. Then

comparison shop to make sure that you’re getting the right price. If you are

comfortable with ebay then you should try going that route instad. Or maybe you

can buy a used one from a school that isn’t using theirs anymore. Good luck!