You Can Go Anywhere

3. Have you ever stop to think about all the different countries in the world and all the

places that you like to go? It can be daunting to try and narrow down all of the cool

places in the world that you would like to go and see for yourself. With the internet

there are plenty of resources and pictures and blogs for you to see where people

have gone but you can’t be sure that you will enjoy the place. The best way to know

is by talking to someone who has been there before and who you trust. Also you

really should just take a chance because who knows what you could discover by

trying something that you didn’t think you would like or going somewhere that

scares you. Just because you don’t speak the native language doesn’t mean that you

shouldn’t go out and try and be yourself thing you think? Let’s consider Southeast

Asia for a second . Think about all the countries in Southeast Asia. There’s Singapore

and Taiwan and China and Myanmar and Burma and Thailand and Cambodia. One

thing that you should know about these countries is that there are very warm and

muggy in the south and can be very cold in the North when you get to wards

Mongolia. There are many different ethnicities and the dominant ethnicity is Han

Chinese . the food in these countries is often considered some of the best in the

world. There is a lot of rice in the diet of these countries because it is plentiful and

easy to grow in a wet climate. In the south near Thailand the beaches are

exceptionally beautiful and there are many places to go scuba diving and check out

coral and fish and sea creatures while having fun and learning some new skills at the

same time . you can take little boats to small islands off the coast of Vietnam and see

the natural beauty that is relatively unspoiled by human beings. In Thailand you can

see many temples Buddhist that I have existed for centuries. There are huge stone

carvings of Buddhas and also call spiders sometimes plated with gold and

sometimes still acting as monasteries for Buddhist monk who still lives there. If you

are respectful than they will say a prayer for you if you give him some money.

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonized by

Europeans and so they are very warm and welcoming to outsiders. But this is not

the case everywhere. Cambodia suffered through French colonial rule and then a

violent and destructive communist regime that murdered hundreds of thousands of

people . Because of this they are still recovering and the effects of this awful tyranny

are still evident in the landscape and in the people themselves . yes if you want to

get some exercise while you are traveling you should do a biking tour of Vietnam .

You and your friend or a wife or husband can travel the rolling hills of Vietnam on

your two bags and see all of the hillsides and hunt and villages and really get a sense

of the local flavor and landscape. You also can go backpacking across the Great Wall

of China . China is an extremely large and and oftentimes industrial countries so you

want to make sure that you go to the right spots to experience the beauty of China

without getting stuck in the gross urban environments. There is a terrible air

pollution in places like Beijing and it is not a place that you want to go if you have

asthma or if you just don’t want to deal with dirty air. Southeast Asia is relatively

inexpensive also this is very important so that your travel dollar can and stretch as

far as possible. The exchange rate if you are using dollars is very favorable especially

in places like Vietnam where things are actually very cheap to begin with also. If you

take all this advice and have a sense of adventure I have no doubt that you will have

a great time and expand your horizons . don’t be scared of trying something new

but always bring certain things with you to make sure that you don’t have a bad

time. These include antibiotics and first aid kit to make sure that if anything goes

wrong you can have basic medical care. Antibiotics are good in case you get sick or if

you eat something bad and get a traveler’s sickness . But don’t be scared be

adventurous !